Residency, The Book of Favourites



This project is a collaboration between the Craft Cafe, an art group for older people, and Rising Stars Nursery, both based in Govan, Glasgow.

Over a number of weeks, children from the local nursery, aged four, joined the members at the Craft Cafe, aged sixty and above, to work together on a drawing project. Every week, the children have drawn and coloured illustrations of their favourite things, with the Craft Cafe members assisting and narrating what their pictures show. The members then sketched some of their favourite things for the children to decorate with colour. The groups worked closely together, exploring their favourite places, foods, animals and objects. The artworks were collated into ‘The Book of Favourites’, a collaborative sketchbook where people of varying ages can share and celebrate the things that make them happy.

This project was done though a residency with Impact Arts, who run the programme the Craft Cafe.