Morphology of Native Moths

This project presents a study of the habitats of moths, based on native species found in the UK.

Although often small in size, their presence has been magnified so that these creatures can be considered in greater detail. In appearance, moths can be closely matched to the landscapes in which they live, as different species will often mimic the patterns, colours and textures of their natural environment. To create the most authentic replicas of these moth species, organic matter has been collected from their natural habitats and then reconstructed through various forms of craft-making. The fabricated models are then photographed on film using a Hasselblad camera, and then presented as specimens. The moths themselves convey all the diversity of their natural environment. By embodying the landscape from which they derive, they demonstrate how dependent a species is on its environment.

This project was made with the help of the Butterfly and Moth Conservation charity.



_N3A9143i1 a5

Straw Dot (Rivula Sericealis)


_N3A9167rl a5

Rannoch Looper (Itame brunneata)


_N3A9154mop a5 1Mother of Pearl (Pleuroptya Ruralis)


_N3A9159i2 a5

Mottled Beauty (Alcis Repandata)


_N3A9149gpedit a5

Green Pug (Pasiphila Rectangulata)


_N3A9155i4 a5

Common Heath (Ematurga Atomaria)


Large Emerald (Geometra Papilionaria)

Large Emerald (Geometra Papilionaria)


_N3A9139sfw a5 2

Small Fan-footed Wave (Idaea Biselata)


Light Emerald (Campaea Margaritaria)
Light Emerald (Campaea Margaritaria)


_N3A9140fcedit a5

Flame Carpet (Xanthorne Designata)

_N3A9163se2 a5

Little Emerald (Jodis Lactearia)



Clouded Bordered Brindle (Apamea Crenata)

Clouded Bordered Brindle (Apamea Crenata)


_N3A9165i3 a5 1
Magpie (Abraxas Grossulariata)


Dark Arches (Apamea Monoglypha)

Dark Arches (Apamea Monoglypha)



Some Materials…



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