Residency, The Craft Café & Impact Arts

In this artwork ‘Birds of Paradise’, the members of the Craft Café created their own unique bird mosaic, displayed together as one collaborative piece. The concept of the artwork originated from a conservation with the members about how we each have our own individual styles and stance, yet collectively we can connect and work together as a whole.

The project was inspired by UK bird species, the members drew out their designs on wood, which was then mosaicked and grouted. For many this was the first time using this technique, including our oldest member aged 91, they said they found the process therapeutic and lost themselves for hours whilst making them. By using the subjects of UK birds it allowed an opportunity to connect with the natural world, the birds being in flight can be seen as an expression of liberation.

This idea is particularly evocative of the Craft Café, an art group for people aged 60 plus run by the charity Impact Arts, which promotes independence, community and creativity in later life. The group is based in Govan, Glasgow, where I currently work as Artist in Residence.







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